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Fact Sheet

Orientation Day

At the beginning of each semester, usually a few days before classes start, the International Office of FEA-RP organizes a welcome reception with important and practical information for the exchange students. There are no fees charged to attend this event, and it´s mandatory. The schedule and details of the reception are sent to the students on time. Besides the practical information, other activities like dynamic integration, campus tour, and city tour also happen, always in partnership with iTeam (a student organization that assists foreign students).



Students should always choose the subjects after their acceptance. However, the enrollment process has to be done at the beginning of classes, under the International Office´s orientation. We´ll keep the students informed about it.



FEA-RP/USP does not offer student accommodation on campus.
Every semester, the International Office of FEA-RP shares a list of housing made available by USP students with vacancies to receive foreign students.

Exchange students evaluate the accommodation where they want to stay. The negotiation and the contract are made directly between the students and the housing´s responsible person (USP student). The International Office does not interfere in this negotiation.

It is the duty of the foreign student to make the necessary payments and keep in touch with the landlord.


Visa and Registration with the Federal Police


Before traveling:


Exchange Students must get a specific visa to enter Brazil as a student - the TEMPORARY VISA ITEM IV.

TOURIST VISA or WORK VISA does not allow the student to register on USP System or use the University´s facilities. In case of doubts regarding the Visa, please get in touch with us BEFORE coming to Brazil.


Foreigners wishing to study or carry out scientific research in Brazil must obtain a student or researcher visa from the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate in their country. Documents and procedures may vary for each case, however, in most cases, among the documents requested are:


- Form completed on the website

- Passport valid for 6 (six) months or more

- If the parentage is not shown in the passport, the interested party must present an additional document that proves it.

- A 3x4 photograph, less than six months old, front view, white background

- Original invitation letter, confirming the student/researcher's acceptance or vacancy reservation, issued by a Brazilian educational institution or original proof that he/she is already effectively enrolled in an educational establishment (with mandatory recognition by the Ministry of Education-MEC) and in which the duration of the course is also mentioned.

- Proof of subsistence:

      - For scholarship holders: a scholarship certificate indicating the amount to be received monthly and the duration of the scholarship

      - For non-scholars: proof of their own financial capacity or term of responsibility from the person who will cover the foreigner's expenses during his/her entire stay in Brazil

- Health insurance valid throughout the Brazilian territory that offers coverage, including for treatment and hospitalization; or PB4 from Social Security

- Clearance of criminal record (criminal record)

- Parental travel authorization in the case of a minor, as well as an indication of the person responsible in Brazil, with a notarized signature.


Remember that for further details and guidance, foreigners should always contact the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate closest to their residence. It is also important to find out about mandatory vaccinations.

For more information regarding Student Visa visit this link; for further details on mandatory registration with the Brazilian Federal Police, please visit its website



National Migration Registry Card (CRNM)

In Brazil

Foreigners will have 30 (thirty) days from the date of arrival in Brazil to register with the Federal Police in the city where he/she will be based, to obtain the CRNM (Carteira de Registro Nacional Migratório - National Migration Registry Card), which is an identity card for foreigners. Students should inform us of the arrival date in Brazil in advance because the Federal Police service is done with a prior appointment.

FEA-RP International Office will help you to schedule a visit to the Federal Police and someone from CAPEE (USP-RP Center of Support for Foreign Visitors) will be there with you to get the correct documents done, help you fill up the forms, get the certified copies and pay the fees. You just need to bring the original documents.

The Federal Police will require the following documents to issue a CRNM:

  • Original valid passport;
  • Visa application form;
  • Proof of payment of R$204,77, for the foreigner ID;
  • Two (02) recent photos, size 3x4 (colored, white background, front, unadorned smooth paper); 

The documents requested and the fees may have sudden changes, so it's always important to be aware.

Steps to do the Federal Police Registration

  1. You should go to the CAPEE Office (Rua das Paineiras, house 4, Campus USP – see the Campus Map HERE) to schedule the day of the appointment with the Federal Police. On this day you should bring with you the following documents:

a. Passport

b. Visa application form

c. Your address in Brazil


  1. On this day, and ONLY if you bring those documents, will be scheduled your appointment at the Federal Police
  1. On the scheduled day, you must go back to the CAPEE with the same documents mentioned above, plus the declaration housing signed by the person responsible for your república / home (notarized) and approximately R$230.00 in cash for payments, to perform the following:

          d. Payment of fees

          e. Photo


  1. After these procedures you will be taken to the Federal Police Office to effectively do your CRNM;
  1. Send a copy to the International Office of your CRNM protocol.


For further information, please contact:

Centro de Apoio para Professores e Estudantes Estrangeiros da USP Ribeirão Preto - CAPEE (USP-RP Center of Support for Foreign Visitors)


Phone: (55) (16) 3315-4926

Location: Rua das Paineiras, Casa 4, Campus da USP-RP



Extension of Exchange Semester

If you are already an exchange student at FEA-RP and want to extend your stay for another semester you must contact your home university first. If they approve your request, they have to nominate you to FEA-RP´s International Office for one more semester.

After receiving the nomination from the home university, the International Office of FEA-RP will review the request. If accepted, we will contact the student to provide orientation on how to extend the visa and other administrative details.


Health Insurance

During the stay in Brazil, the foreigner will be allowed to use the services of the Brazilian Public Health System only in emergency cases.

For this reason, Universidade de São Paulo demands that students obtain health insurance (travel insurance) before they arrive in Brazil. The purchase of travel insurance is up to the student and it must cover all the periods during which the student will stay in the country. 




CPF – Brazilian Individual Taxpayer Registry

The Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas (CPF; Portuguese for "Natural Persons Register") is the Brazilian individual taxpayer registry identification, a number attributed by the Brazilian Federal Revenue (Receita Federal do Brasil) to both Brazilians and resident aliens who pay taxes or take part, directly or indirectly, in activities that provide revenue for any of the dozens of different types of taxes existing in Brazil. It´s not a mandatory procedure like the Federal Police Registration. To get a CPF number, the foreigner must follow the steps:

BEFORE arriving in Brazil

Foreigners living outside Brazil can obtain the registration CPF instantly in a Brazilian Diplomatic representation abroad. To get a CPF in your home country you must follow the procedures:

  • Fill in the electronic form available on this link and print it;
  • Submit the form, alongside copies of personal documents in a Brazilian consulate (consulate or embassy with consular section) to complete the request.

The Brazilian consulate will process the request and inform the registration number. If there is any data inconsistency, the application for registration shall be submitted for analysis. In this case, the applicant can track the progress of his/her request at the website of the Brazilian Federal Revenue. Within 90 days, the applicant may:

Issue the Registration Certificate in the CPF through service available on the site of the RFB; and

In case of inaccuracy in registration data, request rectification without charge.

 AFTER arriving in Brazil

1. If you´re already in Brazil, you can go to any Banco do Brasil or Post Office (there´s a branch of each one on our campus), or even to a Caixa Econômica Federal  Bank branch, fill out a form and pay a tax (BRL7,00). You must have with you:

  • Passport
  • Visa application form
  • Your address in Brazil
  • Cash to pay the fee


2. After 24 hours, you must go to Receita Federal Office (Av. Dr. Francisco Junqueira, 2625) with the following documents to get your document with your CPF number:

  • Passport
  • Visa application form
  • Proof of payment for the fee