Through its own resources or programs from the High-Educated Personnel Improvement Coordination (CAPES), the University of São Paulo (USP) provides some opportunities to foreign professors to visit the school to strengthen institutional ties, developing teaching and research activities.

Welcoming foreign professors is important and essential for the whole internationalization process. It provides sharing experiences, learning from other realities, and intensifying academic cooperation. Thus, when welcoming foreign professors, it is interesting not only to involve them in technical visits but also in teaching, research, and extension activities.


Manual for Visiting Professors

With the purpose of making the visiting professor’s life easier, the International Office created a Guide with information about Ribeirão Preto City, the University of São Paulo, Campus USP at Ribeirão Preto, FEA-RP, among other interesting information that a foreign professor should know. The Visiting Professor Guide can be found here.


Scholarship Program for Visiting Professors at USP

By Decree #7192, dated April 19, 2016, the Rectory of USP created a  Scholarship Program for Visiting Professors. Its objective is to promote the international exchange development within academic, scientific, and cultural scope so as to strengthen teaching and research, managed by a Committee composed of Rector (President), Executive Provost for International Relations (Vice-President), Provost for Graduate Studies, Provost for Research, and Provost for Academic Activities (CAA). The Committee responsible for the program holds a meeting every two months to analyze the incoming proposals.

The USP Scholarship Program for Visiting Professors is focused on stimulating professors and investigators (Brazilian or not) connected to Excellence Centers abroad to give programs (with a prospective extension under a local professor’s responsibility), to lecture and/or conduct research activities that involve master’s students or doctoral graduate programs.

The scholarship granted to the visiting professor must be no higher than the monthly salary corresponding to an MS-6 Professor in Full-Time (RDIDP). Scholarships sponsored by foreign resources are not subject to the above-mentioned limit. Furthermore, foreign visiting professors can benefit from the infrastructure given by USP to its professors and will be granted an economy class air ticket and health insurance aids.

The scholarship will last from at least a month to twelve months at the most, continued or not, though, exceptionally, there is the possibility of extending to twenty-four months at the most. At the end of the scholarship period, requesting a scholarship for this program should be formulated by the Department or equivalent, approved by the Faculty Senate or an organ equivalent to the School, and forwarded to the Committee.