FEA-RP offers five undergraduate programs: Economics, Business Administration (daytime classes), Business Administration (nighttime classes), Accounting, and a joint Economics and Accounting program.

Exchange students can choose any course they would like to attend from the programs mentioned above (except those not available for international students). Students must take at least 16 USP Credits each semester at FEA-RP (each USP credit is equivalent to 15 hours in class per semester).

List of Undergraduate Courses at FEARP:


Table time Spring Semester 2022


Fall Semester 2021



RAD2200 - Estudo de Casos no Agronegócio (Turma 02) - Agribusiness Cases Studies

RAD2401 - E-Commerce (Turma 04)



FLC1469 - Introdução à Língua Portuguesa e Cultura Brasileira para intercambistas do campus da USP Ribeirão Preto (Introduction to Portuguese Language and Brazilian Culture for exchange students at the USP Ribeirão Preto campus) - Basic Level

FEA-RP International Relations Committee and International Office offer the Portuguese for Speakers of Other Languages course. It is free of charge and specially offered for incoming students (undergraduate and graduate students) who are enrolled in any of the existing exchange programs at the USP Ribeirão Preto Campus.

The growing number of foreign students at USP reinforces the need for reception policies that underpin the internationalization process and facilitate the adaptation of exchange students. At the heart of the welcoming actions is the provision of language teaching/learning, which will enable the construction of identity in the receiving society. Thus, the objective of this course is to provide the learning of the basic level of Portuguese language for foreign exchange students on the campus of Ribeirão Preto, promoting intercultural awareness and fruitful living with the local community.

Themes related to concrete social situations Meet people: greet; ask and give personal information; say goodbye; talk about professions; communicate in the classroom Meetings: propose something; to invite; ask the time; develop leisure activities Eating and drinking: restaurant; Pub; Invitations; ask for something; thank Verbs: to be, to be, to be, to have, to have, to like, to want, immediate future Nouns: male / female Personal, possessive, demonstrative prepositions Preposition: in + article METHODS Conceiving the student as an active participant in the teaching/learning process, the joint construction of knowledge is through social and collective activities. It works with tasks and problematization of real situations that allow experiencing the culture of the host country. Integrating activities, videos, and other visual resources are used. Interactive practices in the context of immersion are encouraged. STUDENT ACTIVITIES Individual Activities: The student is motivated to assess their knowledge and participate in communicative situations that include them in the local community. Group Activities: Groups help to create relationships of help, fundamental in the process of adaptation to the new culture.

Questions about the Portuguese Language course at FEA-RP please text to the International Office - international@fearp.usp


8101040 Desenvolvimento de Competências Interculturais (Building Cultural Competences)

Provide exchange students with knowledge about Brazilian culture and society through lectures, seminar presentations, and didactic/technical visits with students of the discipline to the NGO to develop activities that promote awareness of cultural differences and the Brazilian reality. Therefore, it is intended to promote the integration of exchange students with Brazilian students on the campus (known as internationalization "at home") and with the community of Ribeirão Preto, through a project to be carried out in a partner NGO of the student entity iTeam.




The disciplines below are not available for international students, please do not include them in your schedule:


RAD1201 Comunicação e Trabalho em Grupo

RAD1205 Administração de Recursos Humanos II (turma 4 - Morning classes)

RAD2209 Sociologia do Consumo

RAD2118 Iniciação Científica nas Organizações
RAD1612 Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso I
RAD1614 Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso II

RAD1620 Estágio Supervisionado


Accounting (Evening classes)

RCC1613 Estágio

RCC0471 Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso I
RCC0472 Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso II


Economics (Evening classes)

REC3503 Estágio I

REC2500 Monografia I
REC2511 Monografia II


Economics and Accounting (Morning classes)

RCC8204 Monografia em Ciências Contábeis I
RCC8205 Monografia em Ciências Contábeis II

REC2501 Monografia em Ciências Econômicas I
REC2512 Monografia em Ciências Econômicas II


The number of credits each course earns and its syllabus can be found in this link. It can be checked by course code typing like RAD2212 (for instance) in "Sigla da Disciplina" then pressing "buscar".



FEA-RP offers three graduate programs: Economics, Business Administration, and Accounting, at MSc and Ph.D. levels.

Exchange students can choose any course from the programs mentioned above. Students must take at least 16 USP Credits per semester at FEA-RP (each USP credit is equivalent to 15 hours in class per semester).


List of Graduate courses:

Business Administration



Students can check how many credits the course earns and its syllabus through this link. They can check by course code typing like RCC6100 (for instance) in "Sigla da Disciplina" then pressing "buscar".