The Education Improvement Program (PAE), regulated by the Directive GR 3588, of May 10, 2005, is exclusively intended for Postgraduate students enrolled at the University of São Paulo in Master’s and Doctorate programs.

Its main aim is to enhance the formation of the Postgraduate for undergraduate didactic activity and it is composed of two stages: Pedagogic Preparation and Supervised Internship in Teaching.

The Pedagogical Preparation Stage (EPP) assumes different characteristics according to how it is structured by the department, and can be found in three forms:

a) a Postgraduate subject offering credits, in which the content will focus on University and Higher Education issues;

b) a series of conferences, with specialists in the area of Education, condensed into a shorter time, having as the theme Higher Education issues;

c) a core of activities, involving the preparation of didactic material, curriculum, syllabi, subject, and course planning, with discussions coordinated by professors.

Regarding the Supervised Teaching Internship Stage (EESD), this is carried out specifically in undergraduate subjects and the applicant must enroll in the department of the area of​​ knowledge relevant to their course.

At the end of the internship, after completing the formalities, the participants whose performances were satisfactory are entitled to a certificate and, at the discretion of the Post-Graduation Committee, may receive credits for the activity.

The program is optional for Postgraduate students of the University, except for those that are receiving the Social Demand Scholarship from CAPES, the regulations of which require the completion of the internship.



  • Prof. Dr. Marcio Mattos Borges de Oliveira - Coordenador
  • Prof. Dr. Gilberto Aparecido Prataviera - Representante da Comissão de Graduação
  • Representante discente de Pós-Graduação


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