By-laws of Graduate Programs at the University of São Paulo.

 Section IX – About Special Students

 Article 57 – Special students are students enrolled for isolated subjects only, without being affiliated with any Graduate Program at USP.

§ 1 – Special students are entitled to a certificate of approval in subjects, issued by the Graduate Program Committee.

§ 2 – The acceptance of the special student needs to be approved by the Course Coordination Committee (CCP), after consulting the lecturer responsible for the subject.

§ 3 – Upon the judgment of the advisor, credits obtained in subjects taken as a special student during the 36 months preceding the initial enrollment as a regular student can be used.

Article 58 – The CCP can permit undergraduate students at USP to enroll for graduate subjects as special students, provided that they are forwarded by advisors accredited in a Graduate Program at USP and are participating in scientific initiation activities.

Single paragraph – The credits obtained in this manner, during the last 36 months, can be considered in the credits needed to obtain the Master’s or Doctorate degree, provided that the student is admitted to one of these programs after being approved in the selection process.

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