Study Room for Graduate Students

 Located in the basement of block B2, the room offers:

  • Study tables;
  • Wi-Fi internet;
  • Computer terminals;
  • Printers (the student is responsible for bringing paper, and the maximum printing limit is 540 pages per four-month period);
  • Meeting rooms;
  • Individual lockers (rules for usage).
  • The room is reserved for Graduate students. Check out the usage rules of the room for further information.

List of Software Available for Graduate Programs

  • Economática
  • Stata 11
  • Stat Tranfer
  • S-Plus 8.1
  • Ox Metrics Enterprise
  • Eviews 6
  • Eviews 7
  • SPSS 17



Located in room 41 of block A at FEA-RP, equipped with air-conditioning, cupboards, tables and chairs for the professors to work. The room needs to be booked in advance.

Access to Wi-Fi network

The creation of a “login” to get access to the Wi-FI network needs to be requested by e-mail ( to the Graduate Program Service at least 24 hours in advance. The request should contain the full name, e-mail, contact telephone number of period of stay at FEA-RP.


In case of any need to print documents, this should be requested by e-mail ( to the Graduate Program service in advance, informing the length of this need. A terminal will be made available, which can be accessed through a username and password informed in due time, and a printer at the study room mentioned above.