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Leonardo Costa Rezende

Leonardo Costa Rezende

Associação Atlética Acadêmica Flaviana Condeixa Favaretto – A.A.A.F.C.F (Academic Athletics Association Flaviana Condeixa Favaretto) is a student association responsible for the promotion of sports and physical activities among the students of FEA-RP, increasing their interactions with each other and developing a passion for defending our faculty on court. We do so by providing all the facilities and coaching necessary to make the training possible. We also promote parties and participate in several championships.


We want YOU to be one of us! We want YOU to become a GORILLA, to defend FEA-RP and its blue color on court. We want you to cheer with us, to play with us and celebrate with us!

For that to be true, we offer trainings for soccer, indoor soccer, handball, basketball, volleyball, beach volleyball, rugby, tennis, table tennis, chess, judo, jiu-jitsu, athletics and swimming. All for FREE! We have a sports centrum called CEFER, where most of our trainings take place. You just have to show your student ID in order to enter, and then you're free to train.


In addition, we participate in several championships throughout the year, which are: Economíadas, CaipirUSP, Taça LAURP, Intracampus and JUESP.
Economíadas is the most important championship for us. It usually takes place in the end of May and it lasts for three days. We play against 9 different faculties, most of them from São Paulo state. It has been a tradition for more than 15 years now, and FEA-RP is the major winner, which we intend to be for a long time!


CaipirUSP is a championship in which we play against other USP campuses, which are also situated in the country side of São Paulo state. It has had more than 10 editions and it for sure is super exciting! The sportive level is higher than Economíadas and people just love to get along. Taça LAURP and Intracampus both take place inside the campus of USP Ribeirão Preto. The first one happens from March till June, and the latter from September till mid-November. In these championships we compete against all the faculties inside the campus and it is quite competitive! And for last, but not least, we have JUESP. It is a championship with the highest sportive level and FEA has quite recently joined it. It has many levels of competition, being the first one against teams from the countryside of São Paulo state, and the last one against the greatest team of the whole state.

So, if you're interested on joining one of our teams, don't be shy!

Just download this flyer for more information:


Watch these videos:


And get in touch with us (during the Reception Day, before or after that!) and we'll arrange everything for you to start training right away!

Barbara Costa: +55 16 982301617 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Marcelo Carvalhaes Martins: +55 35 88202319 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


FEA-RP International Relations Committee and International Office offers the Portuguese for Speakers of Other Languages. The course is free and specially offered for incoming students (undergraduate and graduate students) that are enrolled in our exchange program in the University of São Paulo at Ribeirão Preto and have already got their student visa.


The growing number of foreign students at USP reinforces the need for reception policies that underpin the internationalization process and facilitate the adaptation of exchange students. At the heart of the welcoming actions is the provision of language teaching / learning, which will enable the construction of identity in the receiving society. Thus, the objective of this course is to provide the learning of the basic level of Portuguese language for foreign exchange students on the campus of Ribeirão Preto, promoting intercultural awareness and fruitful living with the local community.


Themes related to concrete social situations Meet people: greet; ask and give personal information; say goodbye; talk about professions; communicate in the classroom Meetings: propose something; to invite; ask the time; develop leisure activities Eating and drinking: restaurant; Pub; Invitations; ask for something; thank Verbs: to be, to be, to be, to have, to have, to like, to want, immediate future Nouns: male / female Personal, possessive, demonstrative prepositions Preposition: in + article METHODS Conceiving the student as an active participant in the teaching / learning process , the joint construction of knowledge is through social and collective activities. It works with tasks and problematization of real situations that allow to experience the culture of the host country. Integrating activities, videos and other visual resources are used. Interactive practices in the context of immersion are encouraged. STUDENT ACTIVITIES Individual Activities: The student is motivated to assess their knowledge and participate in communicative situations that include them in the local community. Group Activities: Groups help to create relationships of help, fundamental in the process of adaptation to the new culture.


Questions about Portuguese Language course at FEA-RP can be solved through the email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Published in Institucional

Most of our modules are offered at level 4, first year undergraduate level and have a minimum of 45 contact hours over three weeks. Some modules are offered at level 5, second year undergraduate level and therefore will require some background in the subject. Most modules also have an interactive approach and may include discussion groups and seminars, scenarios and role play. You may be taken outside of the classroom to see how your subject resonates within London


All our modules have undergone a scrutiny process by academic peers at the College and must meet strict academic regulations and it is this combination of academic rigour, and an interactive approach that makes sure our programmes are as intensive as they are rewarding.

The "Brazilian Business & Culture Program: 2016 Edition" will happen from June 21st to July 9th, 2016. Applications now open! Click here for more information

The "Brazilian Business & Culture Program: 2015 Edition" will happen from June 22th to July 10th, 2015. Applications now open! Click here for more information

Professors from other nationalities can teach at FEA-RP / USP, since they have permission to do so and are approved in a public contest for the position. At the moment the FEA-RP has no open positions or prediction of new vacancies and public contests.
In addition, FEA-RP can also receive visiting professors from foreign institutions for a temporary period for teaching and research, usually with a fellowship from a funding agency. For further information on visiting professor opportunities, click here.

Technical Sector of Informatics

Antonio Mesquita Neto
Eduardo Alexandre Gula
Jonis Maurin Ceara
Kleber Alexandre Benatti (Head of Section)
Lucas Flóro e Silva
Luiz Fernando Laguna
Mateus Leandro Paulino

Silvio Bezerra de Noronha


+55 (16) 3315-0672: Servers and Networks (Jonis e Kleber)
+55 (16) 3315-3898: Suppor and Stand (Antonio e Mateus)
+55 (16) 3315-3927: Audio-visual (Fernando e Eduardo)
+55 (16) 3315-4485: Development (Lucas)
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Technical Support: http://suporte.fearp.usp.br 
Working hours: 8am to 10pm



Assign, coordinate, conduct, assess and supervise all activities of the STI FEA-RP. Make statistic and analytic reports. Cooperate in the specification, installation and management of the unit's servers. Cooperate in carrying out support to users for requests relating to domain accounts, email accounts and server resources.


Along with Information Technology Commission, assist in establishing methods, metrics and internal and external rules to allow the correct execution of the activities by members of the STI FEA -RP team.


Receive requests and feedbacks from STI FEA –RP team on the issues related to the section and to the agenda of the meetings of the Information Technology Committee. With respect to requests and feedback, analyze, return, grant, overrule or forward to the appropriate level. Report the STI FEA -RP team definitions and guidelines set by the Information Technology Committee.


Select, orient and follow up all STI FEA-RP interns.


Ensure compliance with the rules of use and security established by USP central organs of technology.


Keep up to date on the management processes, metrics, methodologies, technologies, processes and methods of all activities in STI FEA-RP while checking for information and request update courses or new technologies.


- Networks/ Servers


Specify, install, manage, maintain and operate the servers running services and systems for the use of the unit such as domain server, website and web systems, database and others.


Specify, install, manage, maintain and operate the equipment centralized at the unit network, of data and telephony, of FEARP, according to quality standards and safety regulations.


Some of the main activities are planning, monitoring and controlling the network services and servers and the applications that depend on this infrastructure. Planning is facing the project acquisition, installation and to maximize performance, provisioning resources, minimizing failures, documenting and maintaining configurations, ensuring the safety of the elements of the communication network.


Guide, supervise and monitor the performance of interns´ activities regarding networks / servers, if any.

Keeping up on the technologies, processes and activity methods to check for information and requesting refresher courses or new technologies.


- Support / Maintenance


Keep hardware equipment (computers, printers, UPS, laptops, among others) that belong to the unit as requirements and specifications of the services to which they are intended.


Provide support to users (professors and staff) for the use of basic functions of equipment, basic software and applications, with regard to the correct and full use of resources of information technology.

Diagnose, analyze and troubleshoot hardware and software problems.

Unit of the computer park maintenance, software installation and configuration of equipments and passwords for access to computing resources.

Support the use of e- mail, wireless networking and internal systems. Installation USP- RECAD systems in the Administrative and Academic areas requiring use.


Assist the Procurement Section to make the computer equipment specification that need to be purchased from the equipment requirements provided by the applicant.

Participation in trading equipment and computer materials for testing and acceptance of the products offered.

Interview, select and monitor the activities of the monitors of the Pro Aluno. Guide, supervise and monitor the performance of activities of interns Support / Maintenance, if any.

Keeping up on the technologies, processes and methods of the activity to check for information and requesting refresher courses or new technologies.


- Audio-visual


Keep equipment for use in audiovisual activities ( camera, camcorder, projector, sound board , speakers and related equipment.

Provide support to users (professors and staff) for the use of audiovisual equipment in classrooms and events held in the unit, performing the analysis of the necessary equipment, installation and operation of equipment.

Register photos and videos of events and activities in the unit, and the subsequent editing of the recorded material.

Broadcast and publish events via IPTV or specific equipment for video conferencing.

Guide, supervise and monitor the performance of audiovisual interns’ activities, if any.

Keeping up on the technologies, processes and methods of the activity to check for information and requesting refresher courses or new technologies.


- Development


Manage and lead project analysis, development, implementation, adaptation, training and maintenance of web sites and web systems.

As for systems development projects , involves the activities of analyzing the need for systems development, interviewing applicants and users for requirements gathering , as well as the preparation of documentation established , creating document system requirements to be developed.

Develop web systems using appropriate technologies and which have documentation and standard quality reference to be followed.

Making system documentation, keeping the clear source, documented and integrated into the version control system.

Model, create and maintain databases for use by web systems developed. Install web opensource used by drive systems and, if necessary, maintain and adapt to the unit's needs, prioritizing so that the system is not prevented from receiving new updates.

Monitor the functioning of web systems in use by the unit, solving fail occurring during use.

Provide reports for academic from the USP replicated database. Guide, supervise and monitor the performance of activities of development interns, if any.


Keeping up on the technologies, processes and methods of the activity to check for information and requesting refresher courses or new technologies.

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