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Leonardo Costa Rezende

Leonardo Costa Rezende


To perform as an excellence and innovation school in teaching, research, and extension in Economics, Business Administration, and Accounting areas, educating professionals with competences and critical thinking focused on the improvement of society.


Main points:

  • Critical View: know how to study, think, and perform in an interdisciplinary way;
  • Contribute to society;
  • Employability;
  • Institutional environment for stimulating innovation and development.
  • Being a reference on generating and disseminating knowledge;
  • Being graded “A+” in undergraduate and graduate evaluations;
  • Being renowned in the country and overseas;
  • Citizen education.




Leadership among reference centers in economics, business administration, and accounting areas.

As a Business School founded in 1992 within the main university of Latin America, School of Economics, Business Administration and Accounting at Ribeirão Preto of the University of São Paulo (FEA-RP/USP) is focused on undergraduate and graduate teachings, research and extension in Business Administration, Accounting, Economics, and related areas. For such, it offers undergraduate programs in Business Administration, Economics, Accounting, and Economics and Accounting, with 1327 students. Apart from several specialization programs (MBAs) with more than 1300 students, three strict-sense graduate programs with 194 students comprise the FEA-RP/USP, which are:


  • Accounting (Bachelor, MSc and PhD)
  • Economics (Bachelor, MSc)
  • Business Administration (Bachelor, MSc and PhD)


On the occasion of its creation in 1992 as an extension of FEA (Faculty of Economics,Business Administration and Accounting at São Paulo), the inauguration Aula Magna of FEA-RP was given by the Secretary for Politics of the Ministry of Economy, Planning, and Finance of the government, Prof. Roberto Brás Matos Macedo. During the first ten years, the School had been most concerned about implementing and consolidating high-standard night undergraduate programs to become reference in the country. The lack of resources in the beginning did not discourage professors, employees, and students who endeavored to level FEA-RP/USP up to an A+ grade in the evaluations by MEC (Ministry of Education).




The autonomy of FEA-RP/USP came in 2002 (Resolution #4930 – the School creation), when daytime undergraduate programs in Business Administration were designed together with Master’s programs in Business Administration, Economics and Accounting.



FEA-RP/USP started to participate in programs of other schools such as Computational Sciences and Documentation and Mathematics Applied to Businesses, both under the responsibility of FFCLRP (Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences, and Letters of Ribeirão Preto).




With these new programs the number of students has expanded significantly, the entrance examination vacancies have surged from 135 to 265, and the number of undergraduate students, from 690, in 2002, and to 1626, in 2012. In addition, the number of graduate students, including the Doctoral program in Business Administration opened in 2010, went up to 183 in 2012. In 2010, several specialization programs including the MBAs started to be offered, with more than a thousand students enrolled. Furthermore, and following this process, there has been an expressive increase in the number of professors (from 41, in 2002, to 95, in 2012), and the number of technical staff for the same period has jumped from 22 to 66.



Nowadays Prof. Dr. André Lucirton Costa and Prof. Dr. Fabio Augusto Reis Gomes are FEA-RP’s Dean and Associate Dean, respectively.


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