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Students from foreign institutions looking forward to taking part of their studies at FEA-RP (one semester as an exchange student) can do it by:


  • FEA-RP International Office: Student’s home University must have an Agreement with FEA-RP to nominate the student. Individuals' nomination/application will be not accepted. A list of the FEA-RP´s partners can be viewed here;


  • International Office of the University of São Paulo: In this case, it is whether the student’s home university has an agreement with USP; or does not have any agreement with FEA-RP or USP. Students coming from universities without any agreement will be evaluated as well, but as a specific case. Please, see further information in the site of the USP International Office.


Undergraduate, Graduate, and Research Programs Exchange

Students regularly enrolled in foreign institutions (partners of FEA-RP or USP) are allowed to come and study undergraduate or graduate subjects for a period of one semester. FEA-RP´s International Office does not accept applications by the foreign students themselves. It is strictly necessary that the responsible person from the international relations of the foreign institution be in contact first and arrange the documents.


Requirements for students that would like to do an exchange semester at FEA-RP

  1. Study in a bachelor program in the field of Economics, Business Administration and/or Accounting or related areas;
  2. It is recommended (not mandatory) that has at least a basic knowledge of Portuguese;
  3. For MSc/Ph.D. exchange, must have a Bachelor's degree diploma.





Home University must send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following information of each nominated student:

  • Full Name
  • Gender
  • Field of study in the home institution
  • Level of study to be taken at FEA-RP (bachelor/undergraduate, master, PhD, Researchers)
  • Semester of exchange (Spring, Fall or Academic Year)
  • Email
  • Address to which the acceptance letter should be sent

International Office will, from now on, proceed with the registration of the nominated students.



2.1 Undergraduate

The students will receive an email with a link explaining how to proceed with the registration for their exchange at USP, through the USP MUNDUS system. Students must complete the data and upload the required documents and send the application.


Documents required

Students must upload the following documents:

  • Scanned Student´s photo(JPG)
  • Passport´s main page
  • Current Transcript of Records from Home University
  • 2 letters of recommendation signed by professors or academic advisors
  • Proof of financial support of at least R$6,000 (US$3,000; €2,500 or equivalent) per semester
  • Copy of international health insurance valid for the entire stay at FEA-RP/USP


List of Courses
The Undergraduate courses exchange students can take at FEA-RP are listed on this link.


2.2 Application - Graduate

Graduate Students fill the Online Application Form and must send the documents only by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., it's not necessary to send the hard copies by post. As soon as we receive the digital information, we are going to check it all. If there is any problem, we will inform the student by email.


Required documents

Documents required for applicants to Graduate (MSc or Ph.D.) and Research student

(*)Note: Once the student is accepted, those documents (*) can be sent by the home University (not by the student personal e-mail), and the student must attend in person at the Graduate Registrar Office of FEA-RP to sign some documents. In this case, it is not necessary to present the original documents(*) to enroll. Otherwise, if the student sends those documents (*) by him/herself, he/she must present the original documents (*) to enroll at the Graduate Registrar Office of FEA-RP


List of Courses
The Graduate courses exchange students may take at FEA-RP are listed on this link.


Schedule for students applying as Exchangers at FEA-RP/USP

    • Fall term (USP´s 2nd semester of each year)
      • Nomination and Application: From March 15th to April 30th
      • Evaluation of applications: From May 1st to 15th
      • Issue of acceptance letters: From May 15th to 30th
      • Orientation week: July 30th and 31st
      • Period of exchange: From August 1st to December 8th


  • Spring term (USP´s 1st semester of each year)
    • Nomination and Application: From Sep. 1st to October 15th
    • Evaluation of applications: From 1st to 30th of November
    • Issue of acceptance letters: From 01st to 15th of December
    • Orientation week: February 22nd and 23rd
    • Period of exchange: From February 26th to July 6th


At the beginning of each semester, usually a few days before classes start, the International Office of FEA-RP organizes a welcome reception with important and practical information to the exchange students. There are no fees charged to attend this event, and it´s mandatory. The schedule and details of the reception are sent to the students on time. Besides the practical information, other activities like dynamic integration, campus tour, and city tour also happen, always in partnership with the iTeam (it´s a student entity that assists foreign students).



Students should always choose the subjects after their acceptance. We´ll keep the students informed about it. However, the enroll will happen only at the beginning of classes, with the International Office´s orientation.


English Subjects and Portuguese Language Program

Portuguese is the official language of Brazil and all public educational institutions must, by the force of our Constitutionteach classes in that languageHowever, we can offer some subjects in English, which are disclosed in our schedule each semesterIn order to help international students, a Portuguese Language course is offered.

The course develops skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing promoting fluency in the environment for foreign students. Classes take place twice a week and it is free of fees.



Regarding the accommodation in Ribeirão Preto, FEA-RP/USP does not offer student accommodation on campus, but students from iTeam are available to help foreign students with Housing. These accommodations are paid by the exchange student.


More information will be sent later to all accepted students. We have a group of students in our campus, called iTeam, which works and helps foreign students. iTeam USP-RP through its Housing program helps international students find housing in Ribeirão Preto. All incoming students will be assisted by this program. After being acceptedstudents will be placed in contact with the iTeam, which will provide support.


Visa and Registration with the Federal Police

For more information regarding Student Visa visit this link; further details on mandatory registration with the Brazilian Federal Police visit this link



  • USP and FEA -RP offers the following facilities for foreign students:
  • Library
  • USP Card
  • Univeristy Restaurant
  • Sports Center
  • Wi-fi
  • Computer labs
  • Buddy program
  • Housing program
  • Research opportunities
  • Internship
  • Further details on those facilities will be disclosed om orientation meetings.


Extension of Exchange semester

If you are already an exchange student at FEA-RP and want to extend your stay for another semester you must contact your home university first. If they approve your request, they have to nominate you to FEA-RP´s International Office for one semester more.

After receiving the nomination from the home university, the International Office of FEA-RP will review the request. If accepted, we will contact the student to give him orientations on how extending the visa and other administrative details.

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