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Webinar discusses depth at stake in organizing

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Chair USP Session 3
This lecture will be based on the movie "The Name of the Rose", directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud.
Through an analysis of interviews and open data about the process of translation from the adaptation of the novel to the storyboard and the final movie, the issue of depth at stake in organizing will be analyzed. Issues of presence, space, and time will be discussed. The lecture will be on Jun 24th, at 2 PM (CET).
Promoted by the Chair Franco-Brazilian of the Universities of the State of São Paulo. It is an online event, with registrations open to the public. Monthly sessions between April and October. Certificates at the end of the webinar cycle. The Chair seeks to promote discussions on the digitization of organizations and society, with a special interest in exploring how digitalization affects individuals and how they constitute time, space, and presence in organizations.
The Chair Professor is Professor François-Xavier de Vaujany, and the host Professor is Professor André Carlos Busanelli de Aquino. De Vaujany is a Full professor at Dauphine Center for Management Research (DRM), Université Paris-Dauphine-PSL. His research focus on organizational and management theories, new forms of organization and management. His main interests are on how novelties arise and are legitimized in digital societies, including topics such as time and temporality, spatiality, materiality, and phenomenology. Aquino is a Full professor of Public Sector Accounting at the Faculty of Economics, Administration, and Accounting of Ribeirão Preto (FEARP-USP). He coordinates the research group “Public Sector Accounting & Governance” (PSAG) and is a permanent researcher at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IEA-USP).
The sessions will be in English without translation into Portuguese. Participants will be able to ask questions in Portuguese, English, and French.
A link will be sent to registered participants. More information and registrations can be found here.
To attend this third lecture, it is not necessary to have attended the previous ones, and there are no prerequisites.
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