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Online ESSCA Summer Programmes

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from 8th June to 17th July 2020

  • UNDERGRADUATE LEVEL: students have the choice between 6 courses of 6 ECTS each, with topics ranging from Luxury brand marketing to International business, Digital culture, European studies, Doing business in China, Panorama Latino americano.  Students can earn up to 18 Ects.
  • GRADUATE LEVEL: students can choose among 6 pairings of 8 ECTS each in either Finance, Marketing or Management fields.
  • Online course fee: FREE on exchange basis 2 summer students = 1 semester
  • Courses and exams will be taking place on distance learning from 9h00 to 17h00 French time

Please email the names, email addresses, level of study and chosen courses/pairing of your nominated students to summer@essca.fr before June 1st


Family Name

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Level of studies (Undergraduate or Graduate)

Student email address


Select one Pairing: 

Number of courses required

Selection of course(s) by order of preference

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NB: for timetable constraint it will not be possible to mix courses from the undergraduate and graduate programmes.

Ressaltando que alunos interessados precisam indicar qual curso querem fazer através de um e-mail com suas opções, uma possível seleção poderá ser feita caso haja muitos interessado e lembrando que as aulas serão oferecidas no horário da França.



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