Social Economics

Description: The Social Economics Line deals with issues such as income inequality, poverty and redistributive and/or compensatory public policies, such as Education, Healthcare and Welfare. The aim is to diagnose the key Brazilian social problems, to identify their main determinants and to evaluate the public policies in order to promote an improvement in the social condition.
Research Topics:
* Income Inequality and Poverty
* Education
* Employment and Unemployment
* Social Security

Elaine Toldo Pazello
Luiz Guilherme Dácar da Silva Scorzafave

Maria Aparecida Bená
Maria Dolores Montoya Diaz
Renato Leite Marcondes

Sergio Naruhiko Sakurai
Walter Belluzzo Júnior

Research Projects:

- Evolution and Determinants of Labor Income

- Labor Economics: Education, Gender and Family

- Income Inequality and Poverty in Brazil

- Contributions to the Teaching of Mathematics in Public Schools

- South American Immigrants in New York: Labor, Traditions and Social Inclusion

- Overeducation and Undereducation in Brazil: Incidence and Returns

- Quantitative Methods Applied to the Analysis of Public Policies

- Economic Analysis of Family Decisions

- Economics of Education

- Public Policy Analysis

Economic Development

Description: The Economic Development line of research covers diverse perspectives for the comprehension of the trajectories of both national and local development, considering the use of natural resources, the aspects relative to the specialization of the development and the location of the activities, the commercial relationships between countries and regions, and the instruments of financing, among others.
Research Topics:
·  Regional e Urban Development
·  International Commerce
· Sustainable Development
. Economics of Technology


Alex Luiz Ferreira

Angelo Costa Gurgel
Eliezer Martins Diniz
Rudinei Toneto Junior
Sérgio Kannebley Júnior

Research Projects:

- Income and Monetary Policy in Brazil

- Sustainable Economic Development and Environmental Issues

- New Institutional Arrangements and their Impacts on Market Functioning

- Stability of Differential Equations

- Economic History of Latin America

- Fiscal Decentralization and Local Development

- Financing Alternatives for the Basic Sanitation Sector

- Economic Outlook and Regional Analysis Laboratory

- Innovative Activity in Brazilian Industry

- Hysteresis in the Brazilian Exports of Manufactured Products



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