The overall aim of the Postgraduate Program in Economics of the FEA-RP/USP (PPGE/USP-RP) is to qualify human resources for work in applied economics, which unfolds into the following specific objectives:

 i) To provide the conceptual foundation in economics for professionals seeking careers in universities, companies, and public and private administrative bodies and that can benefit from using the tooling of applied economics.

 ii) To prepare students for the practice of research and economic analysis, particularly in the frontier of knowledge in Social Economics and Economic Development.

 iii) To promote the exchange of students, professors and ideas with other education and research institutions in Brazil and abroad and also with productive sector entities.

 The program, which began its activities in 2004, has the support of funding agencies (such as CAPES and CNPq) for granting scholarships. The team of professors operates according to the two lines of research mentioned below:

 Social Economics

 The researchers are concerned with issues such as income inequality, poverty and redistributive and/or compensatory public policies, such as Education, Healthcare and Welfare. The aim is to diagnose the key Brazilian social problems, to identify their determinants and to evaluate the public policies in order to promote an improvement in the social condition.

 Economic Development

 To seek the comprehension of the international, national and regional development trajectories, which motivate the formulation of public policies to accelerate the development.  It considers the role of technological innovation, of efficiency and of human capital, as well as their determinants: the institutions, the commercial relationships between countries and regions, the finance tools, the natural resources, and climate change, among others.


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