The students can apply for scholarships for the first six months of the course, allowing them time to attempt to have their research project approved by funding agencies in Brazil that offer Master’s and PhD scholarships, which are FAPESP and CNPq, or by foreign agencies.

In addition to these opportunities, foreign students have PEC-PG: click here for further information

Next, the various types of scholarships are described.


CAPES Social Demand – allocated by the coordination committee

These scholarships provided by CAPES are allocated to applicants with less time on the course and with higher overall grades in the admission tests submitted by the applicant in the selection process.

Duration: maximum 12 months. The concession is given for 06 months and, after reassessment, it may be renewed for another 06 months.

Registration: announcement of the places and guidance by the FEA-RP-USP Postgraduate Service.




CNPq. See:

Agenda Qualificações

Agenda Defesas

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