How does research happen in the program?

When the students start the Master’s program, they will develop research based on the full range of expertise of the teaching staff active in the Master’s course. In doctoral research, the students are more autonomous, but are nevertheless associated with ongoing projects in the program.
Our Master’s course structures the research around Research Groups and Cross-Sectional Projects. These projects are joint research initiatives by faculty, in order to respond to a certain social and economically relevant issue. The research centers and groups and the individual projects by faculty and students are related to these projects. Everything in the program is organized to converge to the education of researchers who can contribute to these cross-sectional projects and be active in the research centers to have a truly collaborative research experience. Belonging to research centers grants the students the opportunity to share theoretical frameworks, experiences, software, methods and data. Therefore, the Program is structured around cross-sectional projects and their respective individual projects.


How should the candidate choose a research project?

The Brazilian or foreign candidates who start their research in our Master’s or PhD program, or even faculty from other centers who are taking a post-doctoral project in Brazil, adhere to the groups and centers surrounding these cross-sectional projects. Upon starting the course, the students are encouraged to adhere to research groups’ projects. This can be done by choosing one of the projects faculty members offer each year to develop in the Master’s course. The list of projects is published on the website. These projects are part of larger research initiatives, where the students have the opportunity to collaborate and experience the research environment.
The students can also propose isolated themes they are interested in. In this case, one of the advisors should accept this theme within the first six months of the course.

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