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FEA-RP is located on the University of São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto Campus (USP - Ribeirão), one of the most thriving cities in the State and one of the most important centers of the Brazilian agribusiness. The facilities are modern, with air-conditioned classrooms equipped with internet, multimedia, complete wireless infrastructure in all the school facilities. There are rooms specifically prepared for master’s and doctoral defense and qualification sessions, video conferencing rooms, an amphitheater and a library with a large physical and virtual collection.
The Ribeirão Preto Campus of the University of São Paulo (USP - Ribeirão) offers two accommodation options for postgraduate students, the postgraduate Student House, which has 34 places, with students selected by socio-economic criteria, and the Guesthouse, which offers 23 places for accommodation at affordable prices. The Campus also offers sports infrastructure, dance, arts and music classes, language courses, and an intense social program with various student events throughout the year.

More information about the Campus: http://www.ribeirao.usp.br/

See the Ribeirao Preto official site at: http://www.ribeiraopreto.sp.gov.br/principal.php


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